October 11

James Victore – Feck Perfuction World Tour

In late August, MUSE was the proud venue sponsor for the AGDA event ‘Feck Perfection World Tour’, featuring the world-renowned American designer & author James Victore.

Victore is a kind of rock star in the art world. His work is rebellious, shocking, bold and simply unapologetic. Victore’s first ever work titled ‘Celebrate Columbus 1492-1992’ (1992) was in protest to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America and the subsequent genocide of native Americans. He risked eviction to print and paste 1,500 posters around NYC.

Victore has been obsessed with posters since.

To date, he has won numerous accolades and awards and his works have featured in museums around the world including the iconic Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Louvre in Paris.

Hosted in our beautiful perch rooftop, the Feck Perfuction World Tour was an intimate one-day bootcamp set to help individuals take their creativity to the next level by helping them unlearn the ‘right’ answers, let go of their fears, and unleash courage. At the heart of his teachings is the unwavering belief that creative development begins with personal development. The idea that when we start believing in the higher purpose of our work, break away from our self-doubt and give ourselves the permission to experiment, can we begin to create something truly meaningful.

The day was filled with challenging and thought provoking activities as well as stories of Victore’s own personal experiences, techniques and times of success and failure.