September 2

5 Must-Read Books for Creative Professionals

This month, MUSE asked Tiana Vasiljev – graphic designer and founder of design store Beautiful Pages – to select five newly released books that every designer should read.

As an inspiring creative professional herself, Tiana’s passion is to carefully curate graphic design, typography, advertising, illustration, architecture and interior design related books, magazines and gifts, sourced from around the world. Without further ado, here are Tiana’s top picks!


1. The Secret Of The Highly Creative Thinker

By Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber
BIS Publishers
RRP: $45.00

The Secret Of The Highly Creative Thinker gives you hands-on advice on how to enhance your creativity, and is comprised of four chapters:

  1. The nature of seeing connections
  2. The theories behind it all
  3. Enhance your innate creativity
  4. Putting connections to work

Seeing new connections is crucial to creative thinking. This book is a collection of inspiring theories, techniques, anecdotes and exercises that will enable you to access better ideas.



2. How To Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking

By John Ingledew
Laurence King
RRP: $40.00

How To Have Great Ideas: A Guide To Creative Thinking contains 53 strategies for unlocking innovative ideas, each accompanied by practical projects to help unlock creative ideas in different ways. The book is packed with great examples of innovative thinking in graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration, architecture, product design, furniture design, industrial design, animation, digital design, car design engineering, art and fashion.



3. How To Use Graphic Design

By Michael Bierut
Thames & Hudson
RRP: $60.00

How To Use Graphic Design is the first monograph from graphic designer Michael Bierut. This book is an immensely informative and insightful look into Bierut’s best graphic design projects, showcasing work from a portfolio spanning over five decades. The reader is taken through each project from start to finish and is provided with insights into his creative process, client relationships and life. How to Use Graphic Design is a must-read for any student or creative of design.



4. This Human: How To Be The Person Designing For Other People

By Melis Senova
BIS Publishers
RRP: $60.00

 This Human: How To Be The Person Designing For Other People is a publication with a new perspective on design thinking, aimed at those who are determined to have a positive impact with their work. The book contains a selection of advice and exercises that will help you learn more about yourself and what it takes to be the person who is doing the designing. “It will reinforce the essential skills you need to bring great meaning to your work and make a significant impact in the world”.



5. First Things First! New Branding and Design For New Business

RRP: $95.00

First Things First! New Branding and Design For New Business showcases a collection of graphic identities drawn from a diverse selection of countries and industry sectors. The publication presents real examples from shop owners, florists, bakeries and organic farmers —businesses discovering corporate design for the first time, as well as from traditionally creative companies like marketing agencies or hotels and restaurants.


Special thanks to Tiana for this great selection! To get more inspiration we highly recommend you to visit Tiana’s design book store on Oxford street.


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