February 8

The new office: How coworking is changing the way we network

“The new office: How coworking is changing the way we network”

Coworking (n.) The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.
Oxford Dictionaries


First pioneered by entrepreneurs and startups, these days a growing number of organisations are exploring the social, organisational and business benefits of coworking offices.

In order to take advantage of burgeoning innovation and networking opportunities, co-working is fast becoming an essential component of a company’s wider strategic agenda.

Amongst the many benefits of coworking, networking is seen as the cornerstone, value-driven opportunity in a company’s collaborative coworking experience, and is an integral resource in improving teamwork, productivity and business operations.

Coworking at MUSE is conducive to network sharing, allowing companies to tap into expertise, innovation and ways of working they wouldn’t normally be exposed to.

Surrounded by talented and goal-oriented business, startups and entrepreneurs, potential partnerships are on every floor and around every corner, and such was the case for two of our resident agencies, their partnership the most high-profile within Muse to date.


Domestique is a corporate communications and reputation management consultancy, who set up their coworking offices in Muse in 2017.

When asked to recommend a branding agency to their strategic communications client, Cabcharge, Domestique looked to Toast Creative – just one floor below.  

A founding member of MUSE, Toast was top of mind for Domestique as a premium and dynamic strategic branding agency who could be trusted to deliver outstanding outcomes.

The project at hand was a rebrand of the heritage Australian company, Cabcharge, and a re-evaluation of their brand positioning. For the ASX-listed company, this project was a necessary and vital opportunity to align its people, stakeholders and business opportunities for the future.

Since 1976, Cabcharge has been Australia’s leading provider of personal transport. This project needed to be handled with the utmost care, to honour and respect the brand’s heritage. Toast was trusted to deliver these outcomes, to transform strategic outputs into new and meaningful brand blueprints.

The Cabcharge project was a highly iterative process, and a powerful working relationship between Cabcharge and Toast was paramount to ensure that rebrand positioning aligned with business activities and ambitions, and resonated with all key stakeholders.

Culminating with a prestigious brand launch at the Australian Stock Exchange on November 30th, the end result was a new brand identity to set up the business for its most exciting chapter yet.


As with Toast and Cabcharge, collaboration and partnership are critical to delivering meaningful brand evolutions, and twofold the collaborative creative community forged at MUSE was critical to the transformation of Cabcharge into A2B Australia.

A successful coworking space relies on a sense of community, partnership, and innovation amongst its occupants, and this experience itself, seen in the Domestique/Cabcharge/Toast case study, is the defining success of coworking at MUSE.

The dynamic energy and vitality of MUSE help businesses feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, that they are supported in their successes, lending more significance to their work.  

MUSE creates strong working communities and fosters synergies between members through the user experience of the building itself, and the professional and creative workshops and events that are held throughout the year.

Companies are consistently provided with even greater opportunities to discuss ideas and network with a variety of potential partners, collaborators and customers.

This curated work experience encourages our members to co-work, co-create and co-exist, achieving real-time connections and inspiring successful business outcomes.