January 24, 2018

She Glows: Unlocking the Female Cycle

DATE: Wednesday 24th January

TIME: 6:30pm-8pm

LOCATION: MUSE – Thimble: 74-76 Campbell St, Surry Hills


They didn’t teach us in sex ed, our Mum’s gave us the basics. But how much do we really know about our hormones and cycle?
It’s time to learn the basics of what is going on down there so you can be free of heavy periods, PMS, worrying about painful periods each month and how it effects your day to day.
Join the conversation and learn the in’s and out’s of your amazing body. By the end of the night you will have fallen in love with your cycle again because your body is a marvellous feat of chemical wonders waiting for you to embrace it’s beauty.
You will learn on the evening:
  • About the top 5 female hormones involved in your cycle
  • What a ‘normal’ cycle looks like
  • The difference between a pill cycle and a natural cycle
  • The different kinds of periods and why
  • An intro to your fertile window
  • Why the pill may be doing you harm
  • Why your mood fluctuates during the month
  • 5 tips on how to balance your hormones
 This evening is for you:
  • If you experience PMS
  • If you would like to come off the pill
  • If you want to understand more about your hormones
  • If you are interested in tracking and syncing to your cycle
  • If you are thinking of having a baby in the near or not so near future
  • If you are experiencing any hormonal imbalance

Enquiries For She Glows: Unlocking the Female Cycle:

Jennifer Ward | 0421958922 | info@jenniferwardnaturopath.com.au | www.jenniferward.com.au