September 8, 2017

Members’ Friday Mingle

DATE: Friday 8th of September
TIME: 9.30am
LOCATION: The Thimble Bar
TICKETS: Members only


MUSE invites all its brilliant minds to share the most important meal of the day. Make the last day of the week the best!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and also a meal that we often don’t have the pleasure to share, because we consume it on the go or whilst working.

MUSE invites members to gather in a warm environment in the fresh morning hours, to truly get the chance to get to know each other whilst enjoying freshly baked croissants from Bourke Street Bakery. We encourage our members to take the time to sip their tea or coffee, sit on our sofas and have a chat.

A productive day starts with a nutritious and heart-warming breakfast!