May 1, 2018

Managing Perfectionism – with Tammi Kirkness

In this seminar, Head Life Coach and Founder of VisionScope Coaching Tammi Kirkness will guide you through the ins and outs of perfectionism, the traps to look out for and how to manage it. Tammi refers to herself as a ‘perfectionist in recovery’ and understands firsthand what it’s like to yearn for a perfectly packed dishwasher and a colour coded office.

This seminar is for those who tick any of the following boxes:

  • Put things off until last minute and procrastinate all the time
  • Go to bed thinking about how they could have done something better
  • Are meticulous in their attention to detail (or aim to be)
  • Want to learn about perfectionism and how to manage it

What will be covered:

  • What perfectionism looks like in 2018
  • How to identify the triggers of your perfectionism
  • The link between procrastination and perfectionism
  • Tools to help manage your perfectionism