August 23, 2018

Feck Perfuction World Tour | AGDA & James Victore

Feck Perfuction World Tour

“I believe that creativity is highly correlated with self-knowledge and that you can’t have the creative development you seek without personal development.”

This workshop is the catalyst to bring both your creativity and courage to the forefront. It is for anyone who feels their creativity has plateaued, wants more from their gift, or seeks a new way of getting their voice out into the world. Come, work with me to lose your fears and self-doubts.

This is an intimate workshop, salon, creative bootcamp, and wholly transformational ass-kicking experience that is designed take you to the next level in your life and business. You’ll spend the day with other charged, curious and intelligent designers and thinkers in an exploration of creative thinking, techniques and methodology.

Together, we’ll unlearn the ‘right’ answers, widen our perspective on the purpose of our work, and give each other the permission to be wrong. We’ll break away from the cliché, knee jerk and ‘obvious’ response to create meaningful, powerful communication and memorable imagery. I’ll take you through a series of lessons designed to test how you think and introduce you to the concept of the ‘wrongest idea’ as a vehicle for innovation. I will share my own personal experiences, techniques, war stories of success and failure.

What we do is unconventional, inspired, ridiculously fun and insanely hard. And that is why it’s so worth the challenge. Your brain will hurt, your heart will thank you.

Feck Perfuction Video

Thursday, 23rd August
9.30am to 5pm (or until energy runs out)

74-76 Campbell Street,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010