Rooftop Yoga

February 19, 2018

Rooftop Yoga

DATE: Monday the 19th of February

TIME: 6pm-7pm



Mondays could not be better than unwinding with Tess on the MUSE rooftop for flow yoga.

This week we’re holding a special detox session, to help you get back on track after the festive season and kick-start 2018 with your energies flowing in the right channels!

You’ll be learning special twists will help spinal mobility, digestion, and energy levels. The moves will work to compress organs and create flush effects in the body which are said to be detoxifying and cleansing. You’ll also be learning how to:

  • Lengthen and deepen using the breath as a tool
  • Relate the pelvis and hips to the spine
  • Rotate the spine safely from the lower spine upwards

About Tess

As a performer, dancer, and artist, Tess is passionate about the healing nature of creative practises. She believes that through discipline and repetition we are able to transcend to the heights of expression. Tess encourages her students to be thorough and patient with themselves in experiencing all parts of the process in their full potency.

Tess’ work is focused on the ‘body experience’ pairing all elements of the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional as a continuous process in flux; a concept which is influential in her style of teaching.

Tess began her journey in movement as a child climbing trees and learning acrobatics. A childhood that promoted connection to spirituality and the natural world, her first yoga class at age fifteen was a memorable experience and she began to explore the notions of meditation and body awareness. After performing as a samba dancer, becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression and she has trained with international teachers such as Maty Ezraty. Most recently being trained in the barre method Tess’ knowledge of other modes of movement allows her to pair physically strong classes with diligence toward practises that are healthy for the body.