Breakfast Meet & Greet With Trudi Yip

August 23, 2018

Breakfast Meet & Greet With Trudi Yip

Come and share breakfast with Trudi Yip, entrepreneur, mentor and author of the number 1 Amazon best seller, “Counting Potatoes – transform your Creative Passion into Business Success”

  • Do you have a business question or an idea that you want to run past Trudi?
  • Maybe you would like to chat about your growth strategy?
  • Perhaps you would like to know more about how to maintain a healthy cash flow?
  • Or it may be that you want some tips on building a great team.

Trudi can help you understand the “how” of running a creative business.

Book an informal session here over coffee and croissants and let Trudi inspire you!

Where: Reception at Muse, 74-76 Campbell Street, Surrey Hills, Sydney, NSW, 2010

When: Thursday 23rd August

Time: TBD

A little bit more about Trudi:-

Trudi has more than 20 years experience running small businesses and comes from a family of entrepreneurs – in fact, she learnt about business through counting potatoes in the Sydney Markets as a child.

Trudi established her bookkeeping firm and accounts management firm Numeric Eight, in 2006, to combine her love of numbers with her passion for mentoring other small business owners. Prior to this, she ran a successful fashion business for 13 years and has a deep connection with entrepreneurs and leaders in the creative industries.